“Karen does her homework. As a moderator she is intellectually stimulating and graciously entertaining. She emcees with the poise of a well trained media star.  Karen is a fabulous, versatile package of talent.”

Kim K. Githler, President/CEO, MoneyShow


“Karen made her MPT debut as co-anchor of Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE, but I’m delighted that she remains part of our team today. Whether as host, commentator, or anchor, she brings sharp insights and a great deal of media savvy to every assignment.”

Larry D. Unger, President & CEO Maryland Public Television


“There is ‘talent’ and there is ‘professional talent.’  Karen would be the latter.”

Myron Hieronymous Thomas, CEO, MHT & Co.


“There are people who make news, and people who are news – life’s celebrities.  With Karen you get it all in one irreverent, brilliant package.”

Viewer, Baltimore, MD