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WHUT’s Vocal Point, Your Money: An All Over Financial Makeover

In case you missed it, here’s WHUT’s Vocal Point, Your Money: All Over Financial Makeover episode in it’s entirety.  Please share and spread the word.


A little something for the YouTube generation, produced in collaboration with Maryland Public Television.


The Pre-Paid Debit Card Trap

Reverse Mortgages


The secret to accumulating wealth is straight-forward:  live well beneath your means, invest the surplus and diversify those investments.  But the mix and balance of those investments shifts as you age.  This is the first of a series of articles on life stage investing.  Thanks to a question from Sahra in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, we’ll take a look at goals and strategies for the young and single.  [Read more…]


Are you looking for tax-free income?  Would you like to increase your standard of living?  Do you need money to pay for healthcare or medical treatment?  Consider a reverse mortgage.  [Read more…]


April 8, 2012

 No one wants to play the “patsy”.  It feels terrible when you realize you’ve been duped or taken advantage of.  But unfortunately, there are those who make a livelihood preying on people, abusing their trust and absconding with the money.

Conventional wisdom paints a portrait of the elderly as the easy mark but, truth be told, all of us are potential victims of scams and fraud.  Here are some common scams to avoid and ways to protect your money and your pride. [Read more…]


Maryland Public Television recently launched a new, online personal finance advice column by veteran business correspondent and television anchor Karen Gibbs. “Ask Karen Gibbs” tackles consumer questions and provides tips on money matters for persons of all life stages and incomes. Gibbs offers her perspective on current financial issues and addresses money questions from the public. Advice seekers may send questions via email to Go to