National and international TV talent available for your podium.

Veteran business and financial correspondent, host, and emcee, Karen Gibbs is available for speaking, moderating, and panel engagements for corporations, business organizations, schools, and nonprofits.

You know the name, recognize the face, remember the voice — and so does your audience and target market.

Karen Gibbs brings instant national recognition and credibility to any event and setting.  Karen has built a solid reputation as a business and financial industry expert as an anchor and senior business correspondent at CNBC, Fox News Channel, PBS, and Retirement Living.

Karen’s services have been sought for roles as:

  • Emcee
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Commentator
  • Online video talent
  • TV and Internet host/reporter
  • Columnist
  • Author

for a variety of corporate clients, major universities, and community-based educational programs and events.  Whether it’s for a select group of participants or a standing-room-only audience, Karen is eager to work with your organization to help ensure a successful event.  Click here for a list of some of Karen’s sample engagements.

With her deep corporate and industry knowledge, Karen is equally experienced in matters of the national economy, consumer protection, the investment industry, and financial education for people of all ages.

If you want your speaker to make an impact and bridge the gap between finanical theory and industry jargon and real-life impact of the ecomony on your audience, you must consider Karen Gibbs for your next event or series.  Be prepared for rave reviews!

Karen knows how to work a room, connect the dots and put everyone at ease with her dynamic presentations and engaging personality.

Karen Gibbs

As an emcee, she keeps the agenda moving — setting the pace and keeping everyone focused on the sujbect matter.  She maintains control while retaining flexibility.  Her depth of research and knowledge always provides contect and ensures an even-handed examination of risks and rewards while, at the same time, challenging prevailing wisdom and encouraging panel and audience interaction.

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Call Karen to discuss your communications goals for your next event and how her talents can help you ensure a successful event.  Explore ways to bring her national and international TV talent to your podium, webinar, or corparate video.

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